Music for Co-Living and Workspaces — Case Study

The Office Group

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The Backstory

The Office Group (TOG) is a flexible workspace business located throughout London. Open Ear were tasked with introducing music to the Club Rooms and Member Spaces for the first time. We conducted an extensive survey of all members to discern the music needs and tastes of its clients.

What We Did

After analysing the survey results with the TOG marketing department, playlists were designed to compliment the working environment. We focused on the following priorities:

  • Fairly high tempo music to create a pulse for each work space
  • Mask background noise
  • Give privacy to conversations
  • Mix recognisability and comfort with less distracting music better for working to
  • On-brand with the contemporary TOG brand

Once the playlists were created, we designed a schedule of to create the optimum flow of music throughout the day. As most members work there five days per week, we updated the music with at least 20% new songs every month to limit repetition.

On-going engagement

We added other playlists in across the week to vary the music played. Monday mornings were tranformed into 'Motown Mondays' and Friday afternoons became the 'Weekend Warm Up'. Both playlists triggered emotions in the listener, helping ease them into the working week or get geared up for the weekend.

Following the success of the playlists from a TOG members perspective, we then turned to the question of staff engagement. Keeping staff motivated is important so we introduced a 'Staff Takeover' slot during lunch times. Each TOG location was provided with a playlist brief and tasked with making thier own playlists. The best were selected for lunch time playback, helping keep staff engaged but music still on point.

"Music has been a great addition to our office spaces. Members have found an improved working environment, with better privacy and increased concentration levels."

Olly OlsenJoint-Founder and CEO, TOG

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