Making music work for businesses

The music you play is scientifically proven to affect your customers. At Open Ear, we've been helping all types of businesses with their music strategy for more than ten years.

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  • Based on science

    Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.

  • Experts who care

    We love getting to know the businesses that we work with. We put ourselves in your shoes to find the right music for you, whatever the genre.

  • Good taste - simple!

    Music is too complex and too important to be left to an algorithm. Our curators ensure your music is always on-brand.

01 - Case Studies

Your customers are listening. What are you saying?

Check out the example below to see how we work

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02 — Why it matters?

04 — Key Features

Everything you could ever need for your business

  • Curator placard

    Physical placards help engage with customers on-site. This could be your brands ‘musical story’ or your curator's inspirations behind the playlist.

    We will work with you design team to create bespoke artwork that can be displayed on visible placards in each site, printed on menus or given away as flyers.

  • Take-home playlists

    We generate a unique QR code for each venue, which is linked to a mobile music website with your realtime ‘now-playing’ feed displayed.

    Customers can identify songs, learn the brand story, discover new artists and have the playlist sent to their inbox by email. This is a unique and innovative way for our businesses to engage with their customers using their brand-fit music.

  • ‘Now-Playing’ display

    Using the Open Ear API, we provide a widget that displays the song now-playing in realtime and embeds on your website.

  • Curated playlists

    An algorithm will never replace a human for good taste. Our team of DJs and music lovers help you find the best music.