Support & FAQs

Here's everything you will need to get up to speed with our system...

About the Open Ear service

How much does a subscription cost? Our subscription starts at £39.99 + VAT p/m per zone. This could be an entire commercial space or a specific area within your venue (for example, you may want to have different music playing in different parts of your restaurant, meaning you'd be looking at setting up multiple zones on the Open Ear system).

Most of our clients are on bespoke subscription plans - price may vary depending on your music needs.

What do I get with your basic subscription? Get access to 300+ ready-made playlists and the chance to create a music schedule for your business, adapting the music to your trading patterns. Import your Spotify playlists on our system and play them legally in your venue. Control the music, skip and block tracks, pick a different playlist, and much more from your phone - yes, even remotely!

What does a bespoke subscription plan entail? For starters, every client who's on a bespoke plan is assigned a dedicated Music Curator who will help them define their signature sound and create tailored playlists. Bespoke plans also include a wide variety of ad-hoc music solutions - get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

Can I try your service before starting my subscription? Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial so you can have a look around and ensure our service can suit your needs. You don't even need to insert your card details - simply sign up here.

Do you offer discounts for multiple-venue subscriptions? Yes! We are very flexible and happy to discuss various options. Get in touch with our team via the live chat box or email for further information.

Do I need a PRS/PPL license to play music in my venue? If you play any type of music in your shop or business premises you will be required by law to have both a PRS (Performing Rights Society) and a PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) Licence.

Will Open Ear take care of my PRS/PPL music licence? No, you are responsible for purchasing your Music License from the PRS/PPL website and renewing it yearly. Once you have done this, you'll be all set to get our playlists in your business!

I pay for a Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music/Deezer subscription. Why can't I play music from my account in my venue? All digital streaming platforms are only licensed for personal use and can't be used in commercial spaces. You can find out more here or review the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when signing up on your preferred music streaming service.

Let's talk about music

How often will my playlists be updated? Playlists are constantly updated. We aim to renew by 10-20% every month, ensuring your tracks are always fresh.

I have a very specific music brief in mind; can you help? Our team of Music Curators specialise in a wide array of genres and spend a lot of time sourcing the best music for our clients. Whether you fancy a classic sound or want to explore less-travelled roads, we can deliver just what you need.

Open Ear Player: How to use our music player app

How do I login to the Open Ear player? To login, go to and use your venue details. If, for whatever reason, the link is unavailable, please use the direct link to the player This link will work offline as well as online.

How do I update the schedule? To update your schedule, you will need to login to using the email address you used to sign up with. This will take to you to your business admin account, where you can select a venue and go to the schedule tab to edit.

How much bandwidth does the player use? Our player downloads your track library to your device on the initial login. A typical library with around 1000 tracks requires around 2-3 GB. After the initial download, the player will download new tracks as and when playlists are updated. This happens at first log in or, if used for 24/7 playback, at 4am every morning.

Can I use the player for 24/7 playback? Yes, the Open Ear player has been designed for continuous playback. It will restart every morning at 4 am to download and update any schedule changes and new music.

What's the Open Ear Solo Player? Available directly from Open Ear, our Solo Player is a dedicated, simple-to-use, device. It will be delivered all set up to play out of the box, pre-loaded with your playlists and ready to connect to your existing amplifier. The Player can be controlled via the Open Ear Manager App from your Android or iOS phone or any other device with a Chrome browser. For your peace of mind, it will come with a 12-month warranty and will be pre-loaded with remote access software, should you ever need any help from us.

How do I start my Open Ear Solo? Simply plug it in. Your Player will boot and automatically launch your player.

Does my Open Ear Box need to be connected to the internet? Your Player will play your music both off and online. But, to receive regular updates to your playlists and to validate your Open Ear account it must be connected to the internet at least once every 30 days. Connect an already commissioned ethernet cable from your router to the Player.

Can I leave my Open Ear Box powered on 24/7? Yes.

When are my Open Ear Player playlists updated? If your Player is switched on, updates are scheduled for 4 am every morning. If it is switched off, it will look for updates when you switch it on again. Tip: switch your Player on half an hour before your venue opens to allow updates to run.

Hardware Help - Recommendations, compatibility, and minimum specifications

How should I connect my device to my sound system? We recommend that a wired connection be used as it provides the best sound quality, and is the most robust solution.

What devices can I use Open Ear on? Open Ear is available on Windows and Mac OSX, using Google Chrome, and on iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) using our app, available on the Apple App store, and Android and FireOS

Open Ear Manager App - Accessing and using the Open Ear Manager App

What is the Open Ear Manager App? Once your Open Ear Player is working and hooked up to your sound system and an internet connection, you can use our manager app to access the controls from anywhere. For iPhones, download the Open Ear Manager App from the Apple store. and open it. For Android phones or any other device, simply open a Chrome browser and navigate to the Open Ear Manager App. You will be asked for your login details which have been sent with your device. If you can't find them, contact your account manager.

Should I log out when I’ve finished using the app? The Manager App only allows one login at a time so you will need to logout to give other users access.

Using Sonos

How do I connect Open Ear to Sonos? To connect to Sonos using any Open Ear compatible device, you will need a Sonos PLAY:5, CONNECT, or CONNECT:AMP and use the line-in connection. More information is available here.

Importing Spotify Playlists

Can I import a playlist I created on Spotify? Yes, you can use our importer to add it to your playlist library, merge it with existing playlists and get the perfect musical mix.