Music for Bars — Case Study


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Buzzworks is one of the leading hospitality businesses in Scotland, with 13 sites that continue to set the standards across the industry.

What we did:

An interesting feature of the Buzzworks’ brand is that all of their sites have a distinctive feel to them. This meant that we had to develop a different sound for each venue while appealing to the brand's vast demographic. Managing director Kenny Blair knows that the power lies in the ‘buzz’ a venue creates and music plays a vital role in this.

Each site’s music has a classic and contemporary sound that suits the Buzzworks’ brand, while still accommodating their stylistic differences. At the forefront of the brief was creating a family friendly and local feeling atmosphere that enhances the relaxed dining experience:

  • The 'House' locations are relaxed, all-day eating and drinking destinations based in local communities. Their sound mixes a sprinkle of the familiar and contemporary additions that give their music credibility with a modern-day feel.
  • The ‘Lido’ sites have a casual atmosphere, with open-plan kitchens and continental design. The music reflects this more laid-back environment with a soundtrack that is accessible to the listener. At the forefront of the sound are recognizable tracks that create a smooth and easy listening experience.
  • The ‘Scotts’ brand is based in seaside locations suited to maritime visitors, tourists and locals alike. The sound is infused with mid-tempo soul to keep the mood light and guests comfortable.
  • There are also some standalone sites that are aimed at a younger demographic in the evenings. Music for these locations is scheduled to accommodate the varying target audience with classic indie hits keeping energy high as evenings roll in.

“Thank you team! The profile is very good – absolutely spot on with a lot of great comments.”

Johnny BlairGeneral Manager, Buzzworks

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