Music for Gyms — Case Study

JD Gyms

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The Backstory

Open Ear has been working with JD Gyms since 2018. A powerhouse in the fitness space, they never compromise on quality, style or member experience. With competitively low prices and over seventy sites across the UK, they are a lifestyle chain with a difference.

What We Did

As their number of sites expanded, so did the needs of JD Gyms. We were mindful that at different times of day, a differing demographic were using the gyms at each site. In order to appeal to their varied membership, the music had to fluctuate from early morning until late evening, while always remaining upbeat and motivating.

Our Head of Music Leo Lait worked closely with the senior JD Gyms team to analyse the pattern of member visit times, length of visit and other defining factors. This information was used to determine a music plan and the curation of a set of initial samples for approval, prior to the approved playlist selection going live across the UK.

Leo also developed a playlist schedule for each day of the week for each gym that accommodated the fluctuating needs of each space and their daily membership mix. The challenge was for the music to differ in feel across each day, while importantly keeping the energy levels high at all times.

Through curating this varied music schedule, we have ensured that the music heard while working out covers the needs of all JD Gyms members, helping to motivate them, provide a great visit experience, and in turn, driving retention for JD Gyms.

For a business that attracts such a wide age range of members, thoughtful and flexible selection of music is imperative to consistent customer satisfaction, and studies have shown that the right music can increase customer satisfaction by up to 10%.

We love working with this client and we are proud to watch them grow…

"We have enjoyed working with JD Gyms since 2018. As their business has grown, Open Ear has consistently been responsive and available to help shape the atmosphere that their members experience while working out."

Steve DunnOpen Ear Sales Director

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