Music for Restaurants — Case Study

Korean Dinner Party

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The Backstory

In summer 2021, the team behind Señor Ceviche opened the doors to their sister restaurant Korean Dinner Party, one floor above in Kingly Court, Soho. As a result of a collaboration with Ana Gonçalves and Zijun Meng, the duo behind MR JI and TATA Eatery, a menu of East-meets-West fusion dishes came to life, inspired by LA’s Koreatown.

What We Did

Music and food are sensory elements that can bring a brand to life and set the vibe and atmosphere of any restaurant. We know that every touchpoint a customer experiences once they step into a venue needs to tie to the brand messaging. Korean Dinner Party is all about creating an electric atmosphere with tasty food, drinks and great service.

Our challenge was trying to capture the sound of LA’s Koreatown in an authentic and fun way. After an exploration of eclectic sounds, including electronica, soul, funk, and disco, we ended up defining the Korean Dinner Party sound through a combination of American and Korean hip hop. Such pairing captured the essence of the brand perfectly and created the right vibe for the restaurant.


The Open Ear playlists work great for a weekend bottomless brunch with unlimited prosecco and a top-up of Soju as well as a casual night out with friends during the week.

The customer feedback has been great; playing a fusion of Korean hip-hop and old-school classics means they get the best of both worlds. Customers can hear something new and different, as well as their favourite tracks.

"It’s been great working with Open Ear who understand that music is an essential story-telling element for our brand. They matched our brief perfectly."

Alex GlynnHead of Marketing

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