Swell — Case Study

Hotpod Yoga

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The Backstory

Fast growing International yoga franchise Hotpod wanted music to be a major part of their in-class experience.

The work

Open Ear created a new song licensing model for music, working directly with artists from around the globe who provide unique content for the app.

We then developed a bespoke mobile app ‘Hot Pod Sounds’ for their instructors to use during class. Each class was split into 4 playlist - Warm Up, Core/Balance, Flow and Warm Down. The app created a new flow of songs every time according to the type of class being taught.

Further development included allowing Hotpod members to take home the playlists they heard during each class - so the Hotpod experience is extended to their home and on-the-go.

The outcome

The innovative licensing model that Open Ear developed helped Hotpod save around £40,000 per annum on fees and ensure the music they play is totally unique. The app works well for instructors, given them a flexible and easy to use tool in a hot, sweaty and dark environment.

“Big thanks to Open Ear. The app they developed for us has been a big success and response from our customers fantastic. Heroes!”

Max HendersonCo-founder, Hotpod Yoga

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