Music for Gyms — Case Study

Hotpod Yoga

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The Backstory

Fast growing International yoga franchise Hotpod Yoga wanted music to be a major part of their in-class experience.

The work

Our long-standing partnership with Hotpod Yoga is based on a collaborative curation effort: co-founder Nick Higgins works closely with our music curator Oscar Arroyo to source the best music every month.

Deep bass, future garage, ambient and atmospheric tracks, all to suit the vibe of the experience.

The playlists are delivered via a bespoke mobile app that our tech team has developed specifically for Hot Pod Yoga instructors.

The app allows to create a new flow of songs every time according to the type of class being taught. The playlists are ordered according to precise timings across a designated total duration (i.e. a one-hour class that is broken into several playlists set at different time points).

Each class is split into 4 playlists; Warm Up, Core/Balance, Flow and Warm Down.

Hotpod Yoga members can also take home the playlists they hear during each class, so the experience is extended to their home and on-the-go.

The outcome

The innovative licensing model that Open Ear developed helped Hotpod save around £40,000 per annum on music licensing fees and ensure the music they play is totally unique.

The bespoke app we developed works well for instructors, given them a flexible and easy-to-use tool in a hot, sweaty, and dark environment.

Read our interview with Hotpod Yoga co-founder Nick Higgins.

“Big thanks to Open Ear. The app they developed for us has been a big success and response from our customers fantastic. Heroes!”

Max HendersonCo-founder, Hotpod Yoga

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