Environmental Impact

Open Ear's commitment to the planet...

The climate crisis is humanity's biggest problem and taking action to address it is devastatingly urgent. As individuals, creatives and organisations we all need to be doing more to reduce our impacts and challenge the systems within which we live and work. Open Ear is committed to working hard to do just that.

We believe that everyone, every company big and small should understand and be responsible for their environmental impact. We are acutely conscious of the global shift that needs to take place in order to afford our children and future generations a sustainable future. We are optimistic and we know that actions big and small will make the difference. We hope to inspire our partners, clients and other SMEs through transparent learnings, shared resources and support.

With staff working mainly from home and rarely travelling, our small organisation has minimal resource-based impacts. However, through our initial sustainability audit with Creative Sustainability, we recognise that our impacts lie in other areas - namely our supply chain and digital footprint. Everything we do has an environmental impact and it’s extremely important to us that we find out more about what this means for our business practice.

Together with Creative Sustainability we are working to understand our carbon footprint and are undertaking a full carbon analysis of our business practices. We will then create an offsetting strategy, which will enable us to become carbon neutral, and will continue to do this annually. We will work to better understand our supply chain and where possible reduce waste by introducing circularity within our hardware systems. We will also use this opportunity to engage with our suppliers, clients and staff on our sustainability efforts, and encourage them where possible to make changes too.


Earth Percent is a charity that raises money from the music industry to fund the most credible and impactful climate actions and environmental causes that deliver transformative change.

Every year, we donate to Earth Percent and play our part in contributing to their mission.

You can find out more about Earth Percent here.