Music for Retail — Case Study

Planet Organic

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The Backstory

Planet Organic is a leading retailer of ethical, sustainable and healthy products. With its recent acquisition of As Nature Intended, Planet Organic is now the largest specialist organic grocer in the UK, encompassing fifteen stores, and with a stated intention of opening ten further stores across Greater London in the next five years.

What we did

We worked with the CEO and Stores Director to understand footfall and dwell time across the store estate, and then drilled down into the Planet Organic trading ethos to further understand the shopper and cafe demographic mix.

Playlist curation

From our analysis of the customer and how they use the store and eating areas, we curated a blend of cool jazz, swing, classic soul and sentimental crooner tracks to deliver a musical signature that is welcoming, familiar and is attuned to a browsing mindset.

The tempo mix is designed to not overpower the listener, and we were mindful to include as many sultry female voices as possible. The end result is a soundtrack that is classy, bespoke and fully in tune with the store’s personality and feel.

"I love the ambiance of Planet Organic. The people, the food, the music. It's always a pleasure."

Lucy Ella Customer

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