We crafted the perfect playlist for Rosa's Thai 15th birthday celebrations

Our client Rosa's Thai has recently turned 15 and we were asked to curate a playlist to complement the birthday celebrations.

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, music plays a vital role in setting the mood and creating unforgettable memories.

For Rosa's 15th birthday celebrations, Open Ear Music's talented curator, Stephen Gomberg, was tasked with curating the perfect soundtrack to accompany the event.


Stephen's expertise lies in his ability to craft playlists that blend seamlessly with the environment, enhancing the overall experience. For Rosa's 15th birthday celebrations, he has carefully handpicked tracks that capture the essence of Thai culture, creating an authentic and captivating atmosphere, also including a few business owners' favourites.

Stephen commented:

In line with the music brief we originally worked on with Rosa's, I focused on a mixture of classic, rare, and forward-thinking soul, electronic, rock, and Thai funk tracks.

The playlist featured a diverse range of Thai music genres, from traditional folk melodies to contemporary Thai pop. Stephen has incorporated classic hits from renowned Thai artists, as well as lesser-known gems that bring a sense of discovery and delight to the celebration. By blending Thai sounds with global influences, the playlist appealed to a broad audience while maintaining an authentic Thai vibe.

I used to do all the music when we started Rosa's and used to spend a huge amount of time curating the right mix of tunes. It was something that our customers used to regularly comment on so I like to think it was one of the many small, important things we got right early on which contributed to our later success.

Alex, Rosa's co-founder

Find out more about Rosa's 15th birthday celebrations.

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