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A dining soundtrack that tells your story

Influence how long your customers stay and how much they spend.

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  • Handpicked by humans

    Music is too complex and too important to be left to an algorithm. Our curators ensure your music is always on-brand.

  • Playlists with Personality

    Why sound the same as everyone else? True curation helps you tell your story using the music that you play.

  • Based on science

    Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.

Playlists for restaurants

Keep your diners longer with perfect playlists

The music you play has been proven to influence your customers in many different ways. It can affect how long they stay, how much they spend, their impression of your business and memory of your brand. Get the music right and you'll create the perfect vibe that matches your service and your food offering. Open Ear help you harness the power of music so that your music is always on-brand.

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“We’ve loved working with the Open Ear team, who have brought an amazing vibe to our restaurants with music choices that help us bring to life the inspiration we’ve found in the Markets of Mexico, in a way that works perfectly for a contemporary British brand.”

Oli InghamMarketing, Wahaca

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Key Features

  • Manage from your mobile

    The Open Ear Manager app allows you to control your music remotely.

  • Scheduler

    Manage your schedule to match the time of day. Use Calendar mode to add a playlist to match an event or occasion.

  • All about timing

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.

  • Connect with your customers

    More than background music: use music to connect emotionally with your customers.