Sundown Eddie Chacon

Recorded in Ibiza and Los Angeles, Sundown is a sonorous and dreamlike collection of Soul and R&B from the revitalised Chacon.

Having made his name in the early ‘90s only to step away from music to pursue a career as a creative director, his recent partnership with producer John Carroll Kirby has produced some of his finest music to date. On Sundown that continues as Fender Rhodes is joined by flute, saxophone and percussion to build a low-key collection of sumptuous grooves that act as the foundation for Chacon’s wistful, almost ethereal vocals. The title track is a perfect example, as Chacon repeats the word “sundown” while percussion skitters and flutes and trombone flit in and out, somewhere between west coast Neo-Soul and Balearica. If Chacon is rejuvenated by his latest outings, so are listeners sure to be with these warming, enlivening sounds.

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