Never Enough Daniel Caesar

Wide ranging and open, the latest from Daniel Caesar is an adventurous exploration of R&B and the art of the lovelorn ballad. Originally conceived of as a Country album, Never Enough instead is a suite of slow-burn tracks that lean towards smoky and opaque.

Filled with intrigue, Pain Is Inevitable is an acoustic cut driven by a slow, swaggering beat and intersected by a detached spoken word refrain before folding into a Mellotron outro that turns out to be only three-quarters through the track. Elsewhere there are auto-tuned vocals on several collaborative tracks featuring serpentwithfeet, Omar Apollo, and Ty Dolla $ign. While Pain Is Inevitable is the biggest head-turner, the highlight comes in the shape of the minimalist R&B of Ocho Rios and its earworm chorus, stumbling percussion, and bare guitar.

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