Mutualism SAUL

All too brief thanks to a run time short of half an hour, the second release from SAUL brings Jazz and Broken Beat together through illuminating synths and keys. Featuring a series of vocal collaborators, the direction of each track slides off in different directions while the vibes remain warmly vibrant.

Kicking off with a bright building cut with Allysha Joy’s looped vocals, ‘Mutualism’ shows immediately that it’s here with feel-good flair. Lex Amor’s rap bars accompany a deep Trip Hop-like slowed bass line, while Natty Wylah brings an aspirational, uplifting mood on ‘Coalesce’ as he returns to the line “don’t you want to find somewhere better?”. Album highlight ‘Can’t Wait’ features Ezra Collective saxophonist James Mollison on a glistening track that awakens the senses.

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