Heartmind Cass McCombs

The tenth release from Cass McCombs finds him in a retrospective mood as he tells tales of ageing, learning, and living life through music. Leaning towards the Folkier end of his Americana style, McCombs’ tone ventures from the deeply emotional through to the light- hearted with ease while still remaining affecting and engaging throughout.

Written in the wake of the deaths of several friends, there’s a power to McCombs’ writing across Heartmind that makes this one of his finest records yet. Highlight, ‘Belong To Heaven’ uses a light, wistful melody as foil for McCombs’ fond memories of a departed friend, celebrating the joy of a life spent together filled with in-jokes, anecdotes and laughter. As personal a track as can be found in McCombs’ discography, it finds him at his very best.

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