Yellow Emma-Jean Thackray

The debut full-length from Emma-Jean Thackray feels like it’s been a long time coming as guest appearances, singles and a pair of EPs have captured imaginations and attention over the last few years. Tempestuous and far-reaching, ‘Yellow’ voyages through Psychedelic celestial Jazz barely pausing as if flitting from one marvel to the next, each more arresting than the last. Certainly not a minimalist affair, ‘Yellow’ manages to both expand with energy and never feel cluttered.

Thanks to high end performances and, more importantly, expert composition there’s no sag. Instead beats effortlessly switch from foundation to driving force and back again while horns and keys are deftly layered to push out the boundaries of the expansive soundscape. Taking in mellow R&B, Flying Lotus influenced Jazz beats and P-Funk exploration, ‘Yellow’ is abundant in ideas, influences and joy.

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