McCartney III Imagined Paul McCartney

A curated collection of remixes and almost-covers of last year’s home recorded ‘McCartney III’, an all star list of collaborators show their chops as arrangers as subtle edits sit next to skewed new forms.

Opening with a grooving lite-Disco edit of ‘Find My away’ by Beck, we’re soon into more expansive territory as Khruangbin flip ‘Pretty Boys’ into a Pop Group like Post-Punk Dub Disco. Elsewhere, Phoebe Bridgers makes the finest source track her own as she lays her own vocals down on ‘Seize the Day’ while St. Vincent pulls the piano and drum track out of ‘Women and Wives’ and brings in solid bass, backing vocals and mournful guitar. The result accentuates the weight of McCartney’s vocal take, allowing it to resonate in a way that was lost in the original. It’s a highlight that shouldn’t be missed.

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