Promises Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra

Composed and arranged by Sam Shepherd, better known to the electronic music world as Floating Points, ‘Promises’ begins with just seven notes which quickly establish themselves as a looping vamp for much of the album's nine movements and 46 minute run time. A dreamlike sense of the uncanny quickly develops before the legendary Pharoah Sanders enters on saxophone.

‘Promises’ was five years in the making and is a true mélange of Classical, Jazz and Electronica takes on ambience and, at times, minimalism. Each of the players here bring an important part to the table, as Sanders provides humanity and soul the LSO provide an elegance and depth, while Shepherd provides the nuance and shuffles the horizons that contain the piece. As dynamic and captivating an album as you're likely to hear all year, this one may become a future classic. Few could anticipate an album sketched around a single refrain could be so fascinatingly good.

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