Hill, Flower, Fog Emily A. Sprague

Crafted in a matter of days in March last year, Emily A. Sprague’s ambient modular synthesizer soundscapes connect the here and now of our place on earth to the further reaches of the cosmos. Rooted in reality rather than Sci-Fi exploration, the six tracks convey an elegiacal stillness, like a captured moment in a photograph; gone but the memory preserved. The prevailing mood is serene and tranquil, at ease with the surroundings as spacious melodies mingle over, around, and through sustained tonal backdrops.

While much can be made of the transportative and transformative mood of many ambient meditations, the joy of ‘Hill, Flower, Fog’ is the temptation to just be.

‘Hill, Flower, Fog’ can be heard, alongside many other ambient wonderments, on the new Ambient Flo radio station; the work of Open Ear MD, Brian D’Souza and a collective of impressive musical curators. Intended to both “transport us from the pressures of everyday life” and provide “a fairer business model and revenue stream for artists”, the 24 hour stream of ambient sounds is dedicated to deep musical relaxation. Structured to provide fitting moods for morning, day and night based on the listeners timezone, the station is free to stream, and if you like what you hear, then please show your support by listening, sharing with friends and joining via Patreon.

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