Aspects STR4TA

Gilles Peterson and Jean-Paul Maunick, formerly of Incognito, mine the 80s Brit-Funk sound for a revitalized Funk jam on new album ‘Aspects’. Propulsive and dynamic, the album opens with a title track built from pairs of rhythm guitars and dueling keyboard melodies that shows 2+2 can equal more. Luminous and resplendent, the pace rarely sags with Maunick saying the aim was to capture the “raw, moment to moment sound” of live performance.

Despite starting as an improvised jam just prior to lockdown, ‘Aspects’ is an album destined for dancefloors, whenever we get back to them. Closing track ‘Vision 9’ is a highlight featuring a top line of flute and saxophone that pairs perfectly with the locked in, heavy Funk of the bottom end groove.

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