Christmas music: Getting ready for the busiest time of the year

If there's one thing we don't want you to worry about during the busiest season of the year, that's music.

We know how important it is to get festive tunes right for your customers and trading patterns and can help you with any special request you may have.

For this reason, we prepared a troubleshooting guide to make sure your Christmas and New Year's Eve playlists will be ready to work their magic as your guests celebrate get-togethers and mark the midnight hour to bring in 2024.

Yep, it’s here and we're ready to help make it pop!

Still looking to get your festive music sorted?

Here's a short guide you can refer to to get all set up for the busy festive season...


We will schedule your Christmas selections to start on the day you require them but as usual, your device requires a stable internet connection to download the new playlists. This download happens between 4-5:30 a.m. daily, or when you switch your device on.

If you are a hospitality space with a Christmas lunch booking you might want to double check your device is online and playing your expected Christmas selection in advance that morning.

manager app mobile animation still


Our clever system allows us to interleave Christmas music with your own brand's signature sound to different ratios in the lead-up to Christmas. We set this in advance and typically suggest:

  • Mid Nov - Early Dec: 1:4
  • Mid-Dec: 1:3
  • 24/25th: 100% Christmas Songs
  • 26th: 1:4
  • 29th: Christmas music removed (unless otherwise requested)


If your business owner allows, we can supply your login details for the Open Ear Manager App which acts as a remote to your device from your mobile, tablet, or computer. On the Manager App, you can see if your device is online and control what's playing in real-time.


If you use an Open Ear hardware device such as our ‘Solo’ or ‘Duo’ rather than our app or browser player, you may be able to complete some basic troubleshooting yourself by switching the device off, waiting 20 seconds, and turning it back on - this will trigger a download.

If you are unsure about your device, please get in touch with our team.

Your music should kick back in once the download is around 10% complete. This typically takes only a couple of minutes depending on your connection speed. Power, Ethernet and Audio cable should all be securely in place. If you still don't hear Christmas or NYE music, please reboot your device once again.

Please note: Don't attempt to reboot rack-mounted devices that are networked to multiple floors as they would require remote support from our team.


If you have an audio-equipment-related issue, such as with your speakers and/or amps, make sure you know the contact of your AV supplier or Maintenance support team.

We can remotely help you when it comes to our music players but AV equipment, IT and Network infrastructure are out of our control. For such things, you will need to contact your own IT/network team.

Don’t worry though, issues are rare but understanding who you have on hand to support should you need it is key.


You can reach out to our team via the live chat in the bottom right corner of our website, via email at support@openearmusic.com, or by phone at 01412486006.

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