How Music Affects your Customers

The Music we listen to affects us in lots of different ways. Music is complex, and there are so many factors involved with the act of listening it can become overwhelming to work out what impact the music you play in your business is having.

Open Ear have studied music psychology to degree level and continue to explore the science behind the affect of music. We started by timing how long it would take to complete a simple maze with different types of music playing. The results were significant: faster and more repetitive music reduced the time to complete the maze, slower and more random music slowed completion time down. Tellingly, the slowest time of all was the control - no music! This was assumed due to subjects being more self-conscious and distractable when no music was playing (take note quiet work spaces!).

Music works in different ways - it infiltrates our subsconscious and conscious brains, affecting our behaviour, mood and health. We listen both actively and passively, triggering memories, connecting socially and culturally and changing our mood within an instant.

Crucially for businesses, music will affect your bottom line.

It has been proven that businesses with on-brand music generate more sales.

9.1% increase in sales when playing on-brand music compared with non-brand fit music 10% increase in sales of higher value menu items - drinks, deserts, sides 10% increase in sale of unhealthier menu items when music played at louder volume Source: Livit Design/HUI Research 2019

Oakman Inns

“ We tested brand-fit versus non brand-fit (generic pop music) in our  restaurant/bar environments. With brand-fit, we increase our revenue through restaurant sales - the music helped keep diners longer and lead them to purchase more expensive items on the menu / wine / desserts etc.

With non-brand fit music, the bar area was visually busier but drinkers were driven to purchase cheaper lagers and beers, so yield was much lower overall. The non-brand fit music drove diners away quicker too, so income was less. “

Alex Ford, Operations Director, Oakman Inns (Open Ear client for over 8 years)

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