Museum Piece: K-Mart Muzak is archived

We are categorically not in the business of creating or distributing ‘background music’. The music we deliver to our venues is curated, considered, and most importantly, interesting. We believe in quality, community, and prioritise passion for music above all else. We are not Muzak.

That said, we respect the certain kitsch-factor of old school ‘elevator music’. It’s sound tracked some great movies, acted as a punchline to some good jokes, and forced our industry to be more creative and thoughtful. So when we saw that some guy in the US had archived four years of Muzak from a K-Mart department store from the late 1980s our attention was piqued. After all, this is the history of our industry, and we’re quite glad that Muzak is more of a museum piece than ever before.

Check out an interview on NPR with the archivist responsible, Mark Davis, below:

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