Max Richter wants to sleep with all of you...

Max Richter may be one of the best minimalist composers out there, but his most recent project may bring him to a larger audience. The problem for Richter is, the audience might not remember much.

For 'One World Sleep', Richter has recorded a suite of music that will last eight hours and will be available to stream tonight (and it appears tonight only). The piece is intended to be played by its audience while they sleep. The hope is that the audience will then take to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their waking memories, thoughts, and feelings on the experience.

If you like to go to sleep to music, are a heavy sleeper with a curious streak, or you really want to irritate your bedfellow then why not join in the fun? You can find out more on the OneWorldSleep website. At least one member of our team will be giving it a go, and will report back if he promises not to bore us to tears recounting his dreams.

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