Ever been in a new city on release day of a new record you just have to get your hands on? Or are the views on your weekly crate dig getting a bit repetitive? Then check out this map of every indie record shop in Scotland.

The original list for this was created in 2013 as part of a study that revealed that in the ten years previous the total number of record shops in Scotland had declined from 119 to just 54. As of 2013 there were just 15 shops that were independently owned and sold new releases as a predominant part of their business. That number is less now due to the on-going struggles of Avalanche in Edinburgh.

The map currently has 30+ shops not all of which are focused on new releases but all are independently owned. Anyone can add to or edit the map, and it’s hoped new maps can be added showing all the indie record shops in the UK, or even the world.

Full disclosure – we played a big hand in making it, and we reckon it’s pretty cool so go check it out.

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