Exploring Brazil: the Far Out Story

We use Brazilian music all year round, but after deciding to make a feature of it this summer we figured we’d better make sure we only had the best on show. For that reason we’ve partnered with Far Out Recordings, specialists in Brazil’s rich musical culture and long time friends of Open Ear Music.

Started in 1994 by DJ, musician and London-based Brazilian music lover Joe Davis, Far Out Recordings have become known as the biggest and wisest fans of Brazilian music in the UK, and probably in Europe.

Having released records by Azymuth, Marcus Valle and The Ipanemas over the years, plus compilations featuring the very best Brazilian talent around Far Out never seem to stop releasing the kind of music that has you desperate for more; which can only be a good thing. These guys really do run a diverse and talented label that does what all great indie labels do best; focuses on the music.

And what great music it is! We’ve long been fans of Far Out’s output, and we regularly find people love hearing their music, so we thoughts we’d put the spotlight on them a bit by interviewing head man Joe…

You got started 20 years ago, with the first Friends From Rio album and you’ve just released a brand new addition. Would you be able to release the first one now? Yes, we would be able to release the first one now and we will be re-releasing it at some point, it’s been out of print for over 15 years. I have to find the cover or re-do it as it was all done analogue style (at the time). I remember the designer had one of those first early Macs that looks like something out of a spaceship.

What’s changed over those 20 years? Everything has changed so much, maybe a little too much as far as the music business is concerned. It is a whole new thing, changing every day. Is it good? I am not sure, there is too much available for consumers in a way. However it's now easier for some bands and musicians to get exposure, and maybe labels too, so that’s a positive thing.

What’s it like being in Britain in winter and listening to Brazilian music? I like listening to Brazilian music in the winter, it makes me feel happy and some of the music has a sunny edge so it’s always uplifting.

What’s your favourite Brazilian style? Samba, it’s a broad term and the roots of the music I love. I like very much different music that samba has influenced like Boss Nova, Sambajazz, the soul and funk music from Brazil and of course all the new styles coming out.

Artist you’d most like to work with? In Brazil I think I have worked with everyone I wanted to. Maybe there are some exceptions like Egberto Gismonti, Hemeto and Cesar Mariano. But basically I am content. I have worked with my heroes like Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Joyce and many others. In America, there are many!

There’s bound to be a lot of parties happening during the World Cup, where in Brazil would you want to be soaking up the atmosphere and listening to the best tunes? Rio De Janeiro and I am still hoping to get out there. It will be amazing and there will be a lot of parties, it’s a city of fiestas non-stop! I want to be with my great friends there during the Cup.

Can you pick three tracks for our playlists, one each for Morning, Noon and Night? Morning: Azymuth – 'Morning' Noon: Marcos Valle - 'Parabens' Night: Sabina Malheiros feat Arthur Verocai – 'Connexao'

What Brazilian track do you think is best suited to soundtrack a World Cup winning goal? Grupo Batuque - 'E Rium' (Zero dB remix) or the theme from The Great Escape!

If you want to find out more about our partnership with Far Out, the Brazilian playlists we have on offer, or our other offers check out our Brazilian Campaign.

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