Inextricably bound with dancing and street parties, Samba is the music we all think of when someone says ‘Brazil’. With its distinctive 2/4 rhythm, and a focus on guitars and percussion the style is instantly recognisable and loved. Did you know that Samba isn't always aimed at the biggest party in town though, but can also be delicate, personal and highly emotional.

Samba traditionally originates in Bahia though its more modern form tends to come from Rio de Janeiro where the floats and parties took Samba from a diverse and localised dance style into a carnival spirit known across the world, bikinis and all.

One continuity throughout all Samba parties are the costumes of the Tias Baianas (The Aunts from Bahia), a tribute to the older black women who brought the Samba from Bahia to Rio. A prim and proper white lace, these should not be confused with the extravagant tassels and tiaras that take centre stage.

Now a part of the Heritage of Humanity, as declared by UNESCO in 2005, the music of the Samba influences and undercuts so much of the sound of Brazil that it is impossible to start our exploration anywhere else. That said, the diversity and range of music from Brazil means this is only the beginning. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get updates as we continue to explore the best sounds Brazil has to offer.

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