Fear the 'new' by listening to new music?

Odd music will make you shun others according to a study carried out at the University of Limerick. The study goes against most preconceptions that listening to unusual music is good for you. Instead, the researchers suggest that listening to music that “defies expectations” will make you bet against an ‘outsider’ rugby team, volunteer less of a hypothetical budget to support minority groups and give ‘outsider’ criminal offenders longer prison sentences.

Part of the study involved one test group listening to a track by Venetian Snares while another test group listened to a song by Daft Punk. The groups were then asked to set a budget for support services for the Irish Travelling community. Those who had listened to Venetian Snares were much stingier with their budgeting.

Like so many studies like this, we’re left with many more questions than answers. We’ll leave you with just one:

Does this mean that the ubiquity of ‘Get Lucky’ will bring about world peace?

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