Do you live and breathe music? Do you specialise in, rave about, or spend hours digging for tracks and learning about the history of certain genres? If the answer is yes, you could be exactly who we’re looking for.

Open Ear is the home of music for business. We’re run by a group of DJs with the aim to fight back against bad background music and the algorithm cannibalising ‘good taste’. We’ve been building a community of DJs, selectors and downright music lovers for the past couple of years who help curate music for all types of business spaces, and now it’s time to extend the invitation to you.

In this current climate of uncertainty, we think music curation could offer a new stream of income for you and a model for the future, when the world gets back to normal…

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4. Please tell us about yourself. What qualifies you to be a curator?

5. Do you have any experience making playlists for business? (If so, please tell us which businesses and what kind of playlists)

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