Sound Wellness

Transformative Sound Experiences

Our tools for Sound Wellness help businesses harness the power of sound to positively affect their customers, guests, and employees for mental well-being, relaxation, and focus.

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  • In-room & Online Wellness Radio

    Tune into wellness with our owned and operated 24hr radio streams. We curate soundscapes designed for relaxation with fully licensed music and adapted for the time of day. that can be blended with an ambient channel for seamless journeys into sound.

  • Installation & Mobile App: Biophilic Sound

    Allow guests to reconnect with nature through immersive sound like never before. From exotic escapism to location-based field recording we create bespoke compositions for relaxation, focus, and sleep.

  • Installation & Headphone: Sound Immersion Therapy

    Tapping into ancient sound healing techniques and new technologies in spatial audio we developed the FLOW app for deep relaxation and transformative experiences in immersive sound.

Functional Sound & Music

The Importance Of Conscious Listening

Mental illness-related problems at work cost the UK economy £34.9bn in 2019. According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people will suffer from mental illness and two-thirds of sufferers will not seek specialist help, either from social stigma or lack of resources.

Music and sound therapies are known to be beneficial in several conditions including anxiety. Our aim is to demystify therapeutic sound to make the physical and psychological benefits accessible to all through meaningful partnerships.

Everything we hear, from the music you play to the noise from the traffic outside affects our health, mood and well-being, positively and negatively. Now, more than ever, people are looking to use functional sound and music for relaxation, escapism, clarity and healing.

With training in Sound Therapy, and Sound Design the cornerstone of Open Ear has always been in the science of sound. As a team of psychologists, composers, audio engineers, music curation and brand activation speciliastis we specialise in transformative sound experiences for wellbeing made accessible though our owned software solutions.

If you, your team, customers or guests might benefit from a tailored Sound Wellness Solution, we're more than happy to talk.

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“Big thanks to Open Ear. The app has been a big success and response from our customers fantastic. Heroes!”

Max HendersonCo-founder, Hotpod Yoga

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Key Features

  • Delivered by experts

    Our experts have 20 years+ of experience in music curation, psychology, sound design, and brand activation

  • Aided by Technology

    We've developed unique technology solutions that are flexible and easy to use for the delivery of Sound Wellness in a multitude of settings

  • Based on Science

    Our tailored solutions are based on scientific and academic research on mental health and the benefits of sound in wellbeing

  • Lasting outcomes

    Our programmes help with productivity, focus, stress-relief, reduced anxiety, relaxation and more