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Sound Wellness For Business

Open Mind help businesses harness the power of sound to benefit the wellbeing of their teams and workplaces.

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  • Workshops

    A bespoke programme of workshops and talks on sound therapy, affects of music on emotion, health and wellbeing, mindfulness/meditation and much more.

  • Sound Meditation

    A dedicated space in the workplace set up for mindfulness with bespoke soundscapes delivered by our custom-built OM Box

  • Sound relaxation mobile app

    Based on science, the app is designed to aid relaxation, mindfulness and stress relief.

Sound Wellness

Improving team wellbeing through sound

Mental illness-related problems at work cost the UK economy £34.9bn in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic will see this figure increase exponentially, creating serious implications for businesses and their staff.

In order to help businesses and their employees manage their mental wellbeing, we’ve created Open Mind. We’re a team of health practitioners, psychologists and music experts who specialise in using sound, music and other holistic tools to positively affect the listener.

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“Big thanks to Open Ear. The app has been a big success and response from our customers fantastic. Heroes!”

Max HendersonCo-founder, Hotpod Yoga

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Key Features

  • Delivered by experts

    Our experts have 20 years+ experience in holistic health therapies

  • Aided by Technology

    We've developed a unique suite of tech to aid the therapeutic process

  • Based on Science

    Our programmes are based on scientific and academic research on mental health

  • Lasting outcomes

    Our programmes help with productivity, focus, stress-relief, reduced anxiety, relaxation and more