Music for Wellness

Music for Wellness

Music has a powerful affect on how we feel. Ensure the music you play works for your wellness activity, from Yoga to Meditation to Spa treatments

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  • Expert curation for fitness

    Our curation partners TAON are experts in music for exercise. They'll work with your instructors to source the best music for each class.

  • Fitness App

    Open Ear Fitness helps you design your classes, with various types of playback available.

  • Why leave it to staff?

    Your music is far too important to be left solely to your staff. Allow our expert team to use their knowledge and experience to get you the perfect music for every time of the day, throughout the week.

01 — Music For Wellness

Ensure the music you play enhances your treatments

Music is scientifically proven to affect our behaviour and change our mood. If you use music in your wellness activity, it's crucial that it is curated appropriately so that it enhances your treatments or excercise rather than undermining it.

Open Ear help dozens of wellness clients harness the power of music using our extensive knowledge in the science and psychology of music. We've built an app specifically designed for treatments, that allows the energy or flow to be adjusted to suit your needs.

Our expert music knowledge means you no longer need to opt for the traditional chill out music or 'whale noise' playlists that can be a major turn off.

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“Big thanks to Open Ear. The app has been a big success and response from our customers fantastic. Heroes!”

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03 — Key Features

  • Accessibility

    The Playlist Admin is your control centre: see reports, listen to and edit playlists, add and remove songs, change your schedules.

  • All about timing

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.

  • Based on science

    Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.