Music for Gyms

The right beats for any workout

Music is a crucial part of any workout. Our experts help you find the best music for every class while our Fitness app offers a simple-to-use tool to control the music played throughout each class.

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  • Fitness Flow App

    Open Ear Fitness helps you design your classes, with various types of playback available.

  • Energy Slider

    Our game-changing innovation. Control the vibe with a simple fader, without the need for a DJ.

  • Playlists with Personality

    Why sound the same as everyone else? True curation helps you tell your story using the music that you play.

Music For Gyms

Music For Gyms

Open Ear curate and manage the music for gyms - both in studio and in communal areas. The importance of keeping the energy high in a gym space is imperative for customer satisfaction which in turn drives retention. We always read the room and our gym playlists deliver on intensity to match the work outs.

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“It's been a pleasure working with Open Ear this year, the music in the studios is SO GREAT at the moment. The playlists are epic!”

Pip BlackFounder, Frame

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Key Features

  • Accessibility

    The Dashboard is your control centre: see reports, listen to and edit playlists, add and remove songs, change your schedules.

  • All about timing

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.

  • Based on science

    Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.

  • Manage from your mobile

    The Open Ear Manager app allows you to control your music remotely.