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Music can help encourage to stay longer, spend more, and return more often

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  • All about timing

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.

  • Based on science

    Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.

  • Connect with your customers

    More than background music: use music to connect emotionally with your customers.

Music For Cafes


Great cafe customer experiences are often determined by the quality of the food, coffee, service and music. Music played in cafes set the vibe and help determine your customers overall impression of your business. Open Ear help cafes make music work for them: during quieter afternoons, our curated playlists encourage customers to stay longer, whereas in busier times they encourage higher turn over of tables so you can maximise on profits.

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"We've worked with Open Ear for ten years and we still absolutely love the music."

Graeme StarkOwner, Rocket Cafe, Edinburgh

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Key Features

  • Accessibility

    The Dashboard is your control centre: see reports, listen to and edit playlists, add and remove songs, change your schedules.

  • Curate your own playlists

    Work with one of our templates or start a playlist from scratch.

  • Energy Slider

    Our game-changing innovation. Control the vibe with a simple fader, without the need for a DJ.

  • Scheduler

    Manage your schedule to match the time of day. Use Calendar mode to add a playlist to match an event or occasion.