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Good Vibes all night long

Great bars always play great music. See how Open Ear can help you get best music every day, and night, of the week.

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  • Curate your own playlists

    Work with one of our templates or start a playlist from scratch.

  • Energy Slider

    Our game-changing innovation. Control the vibe with a simple fader, without the need for a DJ.

  • Manage from your mobile

    The Open Ear Manager app allows you to control your music remotely.

01 — Playlists for bars

Get the best music, control the atmosphere like a DJ

Import your playlists from Spotify, and merge with ours. Enjoy continuous additions of new music so your playlists are always perfect. Control everything using our Manager app and adjust the vibe, volume, energy and genre without the need for a DJ.

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"The music in the bar has been absolutely brilliant and perfect for our site."

Robbie MitchellGeneral Manager, Stocks Bar, Edinburgh

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Mothership Group
SBE Hotels
The Curtain
Wright Brothers
Sea Containers

02 — Case Studies

03 — Key Features

  • Music Library

    150,000+ tracks in our curated music library are available to you instantly. Thousands of songs are hand-picked and uploaded every month, from the freshest of new music to the best tracks from throughout music history.

  • Scheduler

    Manage your schedule to match the time of day. Use Calendar mode to add a playlist to match an event or occasion.

  • Stay in control

  • All about timing

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.