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Why Choosing the Perfect Bar Playlist is Important?

Creating the perfect bar soundtrack can be essential for today’s businesses.

  • 81% of consumers state that hearing music in a commercial space lifts their mood
  • 40.8% stay longer in a business when music is playing

From underlining the ethos of your brand to creating the perfect atmosphere, selecting the best music for bars is as crucial as the drink and service when providing your guests with a fantastic time. Not only will it help them enjoy this experience but it should ensure they come back for more.

Play the Best Music for Bars and Deliver A Great Bar Customer Experience

Sourcing and playing the perfect bar playlist has been proven to influence your customers in a variety of different ways.

It can:

  • Ensure they stay longer
  • Encourage them to spend more
  • Give a positive impression of your business
  • Leave an enduring memory of your brand.

By getting the music in your bar right, you'll create the perfect vibe to match your experience and drink offering.

Why Choose Open Ear?

Open Ear’s expert team is vastly experienced in curating music for bars, having worked across a wide variety of bar music playlists.

As providers of best music for bars, our leading professionals and music industry playlist curators can help you harness the power of music so that your soundtrack is always on-brand and your customers maximise enjoyment from their drinking experience.

On the Open Ear software you can import your playlists from Spotify, and merge them with ours. Control everything using our Manager app and adjust the vibe, volume, energy and genre just like a DJ would do!

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"Open Ear are responsive, efficient and flexible to our diverse needs. We’ve been particularly impressed by the themed playlists they’ve assembled for some of our one-off events showing creativity in assembling our truly distinctive disco/afrobeat-tinged late-evening playlist."

Sean FennellyHead of Bars, Kimpton London

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    Our extensive library of hand-picked playlists cuts across all genres and eras. With monthly updates, your venue will always sound fresh.

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  • Engage with Customers to Enhance their Experience

    Play the right songs at the right time of day and your customers are more likely to stay longer and spend more.

  • Manage From Your Mobile

    The Open Ear Dashboard is your control centre: see reports, listen to and edit the music played in your bar or pub.

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