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Jonjo Jury

Pride Curator

Specialist in: disco, house, electro and everything funky.

Case Study

"I think the music is great, it fits the time of day and perfectly matches our events and brand collaborations!"

David TodEvents & Enlivenment Manager, Coal Drops Yard

Savage resident DJ and former Hoi Polloi at Ace Hotel Music Director, Jonjo Jury brings knowledge, love and a sense of fun to every playlist.

Firmly establishing himself over the last 15 years, Jonjo Jury has become a central figure on London’s underground dance scene.

Jonjo cut his teeth as a resident at the iconic Trash and Durrr night, before starting his own influential LGBT night, Hot Boy Dancing Spot. Currently Jonjo holds a Dj residency at new super debauched Savage night alongside guests such as Hercules & Love Affair, Heidi, 2 Bears & Horse Meat Disco.

Graduating to perform regularly on an international level, Jonjo can now be seen at festivals and parties worldwide. Playing in New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Tokyo, to name just a few, his cross genre sets are known for getting the party started and not playing by the rules.

Jonjo was also the Musical Director at the Ace Hotel London’s outpost, Hoi Polloi and has worked for brands/events such as Topshop, Tate Modern, Marques Ameilda, Acne & Dazed and Confused, Cannes Film Festival, Secret Garden Party, Fiorucci Art Trust Festival, and Savage take over of Pikes & Glitterbox, Ibiza.

Jonjo has curated a number of playlists for us, including one for Coal Drops Yard and a few bespoke LGBT+ selections for Pride month celebrations.

An interview with Jonjo

What’s your musical DNA…(e.g. do you specialise in any particular genre? Are you part of a scene?)

My musical DNA has constantly been a mixed bag both professionally and personally. I had the most incredible exposure to music as a child, being raised by punk parents that were also heavily into dub, disco and soul. My grandad was a singer around pubs in Kings Cross and had very eclectic taste, introducing me to everything from Dusty Springfield to Grace Jones, Buddy Rich and Fleetwood Mac.

As a teen clubber, I was totally hit head on with dance culture and the huge emerging indie scene and it had a massive impact. Being an avid punter at the legendary club Trash, I ended up being offered a resident DJ slot before it transformed into Durrr. More recently I was a resident at Savage Disco, which again fused house and disco, both new and old.

What’s your first musical memory?

Seeing Toni Basil on Top of the Pops singing 'Mickey' and licking the telly and getting static shock. Explains a lot.

It’s Monday morning, you're running late, what track do you put on to get you out of bed?

It's either gotta be The Stooges' 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' or Sylvester's 'Do You Wanna Funk?'

Lazy Sunday morning: what album are you putting on?

Always Stevie Wonder!!! I call 'Talking Book', 'Songs In The Key Of Life' or 'Hotter Than July' musical medicine.

How is playlisting for brands different to playlisting for yourself?

I'm always aware of clients' unique needs/brief and be respectful of what time of day you are curating for. For example, when working with hotels, something I might have on at home while having a coffee could possibly be too much for a hotel guest having breakfast. Being in a bar/restaurant with a musical selection that is too banging can really change the dynamic of a great meal for the worse.

How do you feel about computer algorithms shaping the future of music curation?

I'm guilty of enjoying music algorithms in terms of being introduced to linked artists but relying on this for business can become very generic and a one way street. Individual curating for business is a no brainer.

Tell us a little bit about the clients you’ve worked with using the Open Ear platform

I used to curate playlists for Hoi Polloi at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch for over five years. I was in charge of getting the right balance for morning right through to the cocktail after dinner service. We got great feedback from diners and we also managed to keep the staff (who are doing long shifts) very happy.

I also worked on the playlists for the public space through out Coal Drop Yards and Native in Manchester, a living and multimedia space.

Jonjo also curates for

Coal Drops Yard