Curator Story

Camilo Miranda

Curator for Pikes, Ibiza

Case Study

"It's a Balearic paradise."

Pikes customerVisited Pikes August 2019

A Brazilian French decadent, there’s no question of a doubt that Ibiza runs through his veins. Camilo Miranda was first brought to the island in the 90’s when he was only 10 years old and instantly started marking his territory at the local parties that his parents used to run. His integration with the Ibiza scene and his upbringing around his parents music lead him to start climbing the DJ ladder, reaching all sorts of genres as he finally emerged in the euphoric sound of the white isle - Balearic.

After a short stint out of music and into Fine Art, he’s returned striving and creating a well-deserved name for himself. Now known as a Seth Troxler doppelganger and best friend to Artwork and DJ Harvey, he’s grown comfortable to warm up for the likes of Crazy P, Carl Craig and Midland who are regular attendees of the summer parties and Camilo is the one at the core of the programme curation.

Pikes’ summer events have formed a humble base for an Ibiza family atmosphere year in year out and Camilo is back where he originally started - behind the decks.

Playlist Curation

Outside the DJ booth, Pikes' playlists are divided into four to represent different times of the day. Using our tech, Camilo has split them into 'Morning', 'Afternoon', 'After Dark' and 'Sunset', running on a strict schedule to match the flow of the hotel, temperature and number of people in one place at that time.

An interview with Camilo

“I love the atmosphere here,” Camilo says. “Everyone is really nice and joyful. We’re just like a big family, we have an easy connection to each other…everything just flows into place naturally here.”