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Specialist in disco, house, tech, UKG & UK funky

"I don't think algorithms can ever encompass the same passion and emotion that people feel when selecting music."

London-based Amaliah is a new selector on the scene whose sounds travel far and wide.

Amaliah has her own monthly show on Balamii Radio entitled 'Borne Fruits', which is named after her successful collective which hosts small scale, intimate parties across London.

Curating our Notting Hill Carnival playlist, she treats us to reggae, dub, dancehall, UK funky, UKG and R&B that will 100% move your body.

Listen to a snapshot of her playlist here.

Add or interleave her playlist, or request a bespoke playlist in these genres for your venue: drop an email to

An interview with Amaliah

What’s your first musical memory?

My mum used to manage bands in the 90s/00s and I remember always hearing rehearsals happen in our living room, usually with gospel to stretch out the vocal range and encourage passion when singing.

Lazy Sunday morning: what album are you reaching for?

It has to be Marvin Gaye - I Want You. One of the best soul albums ever made!

How would you say playlisting for brands is different to playlisting for yourself?

I think playlisting for brands is quite different as you have to cater to the brand itself, plus their audience. This can be quite clear cut and narrowed down which allows you to use musical knowledge paired with feeling for genres, rather than just creating a playlist dependant on mood. When creating playlists for yourself, it's more of a free for all and your mood at the time plays more of an independent part with selection, along with personal preference.

How do you feel about computer algorithms shaping the future of music curation?

I don't think algorithms can ever encompass the same passion and emotion that people feel when selecting music. Algorithms are very beneficial in some ways, like with discovering new music and being led to new artists, but true relatable selection and curation is perfected when it comes from an individual, their past experiences and musical understanding.

Tell us a little bit about the Notting Hill playlist you worked on...

The Notting Hill Carnival playlist I created was manifested with the map of carnival in mind. I wanted to take listeners on a journey as if they were walking through the streets of carnival. Starting off with the fuzzy dub sounds you hear in the distance as you first get off the tube or bus, followed by being immersed in reggae and dancehall when following the floats, crowds and beautiful dancers, to then finding huge, robust soundsystems on side streets blasting UKG and UK Funky, along with 00s R&B classics. Hopefully, this playlist achieved the phenomenal musical build up that happens when travelling through carnival.

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