Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities James Holden

The latest from James Holden is an expansive ode to the form of transcendental rave music he grew up listening to but was too young to experience out in the wild.

Built from live samples of his own playing, along with a crack team of others, Imagine This… balances evolving rhythmic loops with rich texture and organic interjections of found sound, violin, piano and oscillating synths. Amongst the ambient soundscapes are some of the most dancefloor focused sounds Holden has created in over a decade, such as the classic House piano riff on Trust Your Feet that are warped out of convention when they are met with off-kilter flute and crystalline sci-fi chimes. An ever evolving soundscape that reaches out beyond other worlds to an unknowable higher plane, Imagine This… is a triumph of cosmic and wishful thinking that pries new possibilities from long-established musical forms.

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