Fuse Everything But The Girl

The first LP from Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt in 24 years and their 11th as Everything But The Girl, Fuse is a time machine in album form.

From the opening of Nothing Left To Lose it’s as if the lauded Indie-Electronica duo have never been away thanks to a sound that both feels like a continuation of where they left off in 1999 but also fully contemporary, as though they never went away. It should be no surprise given the way the duo seamlessly slipped between styles throughout their early career. On Fuse, the highlights come in No One Knows We’re Dancing that leans on Thorn’s emotive, affecting vocals to great effect and Forever that feels like it’s only a Todd Terry remix away from filling dancefloors all summer long. EBTG have been missed, and the seeming ease of Fuse reiterates that we’ve been missing out while they’ve been gone.

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