Music for Fitness: Interview with Hotpod Yoga

As part of our Music for Fitness series, we chatted with the co-founder of Hotpod Yoga, a business we've been curating playlists for for a long time...

Hotpod Yoga - as the name suggests - offer innovative hot 37°C Vinyasa Flow yoga classes that take place inside hotpods. Combining heat, scents, colours, and of course music, Hotpod Yoga classes are a 360° sensorial experience.

We asked Hotpod Yoga's founder Nick Higgins a few questions about yoga and music...

Yoga and music make a great pair, though not all yogis agree. While music has always been an integral part of the yoga practice - let's just think of yoga chants and yoga mantras - modern music is not accepted by the entirity of the community. What are your thoughts on this?

I think that it depends on the school/training that the individuals have been on/a part of and ultimately their beliefs. I believe that as long as the music or sound can help ease distraction and allow the individual to go deeper into themselves, therefore aiding their experience in a positive way to soften their mental state, then that's powerful.


How can music change someone's yoga practice for the better?

Music taps into the subtler states of us, and - if the music suits - it helps enrich our experience of that moment. This is the same for when practising, it softens the mind, body, and nervous systems, and can (pending the type of track) up the energy or bring it down, all whilst helping the individual get into a deeper flow state. This is similar for teachers too, it helps bring the energy, and ease it.

What was the music brief you gave to Open Ear?

Deep bass, future garage, ambient and atmospheric. All to suit the vibe of the experience so not to jar nervous systems more so to enhance it.

Nick, you work closely with our music curator Oscar to source the best tracks every month. Are there any go-to platforms you rely on to find new music?

Soundcloud is a great option, though over time many independent artists and producers have started to reach out to us to get their tracks featured in our playlists.

Your studios are located in the UK, Portugal, and South Africa too. What has the customer and teacher response been to our music selection across the board?

It's been amazing. Teachers feed back on what works and what doesn't, and have also started to send us links to artists who suit the vibe and tempo of their classes.


Is there anything exciting in the 2023 pipeline for Hotpod Yoga?

Lots! We're developing and building the experience overall. Music is a big part of that and we'll look to add different tempos whilst tweaking the different class offerings. Our network of studios have bounced back super strongly, with more spaces launching soon. We're looking forward to a great year ahead!

Thanks Nick and Max! Find out more about Hotpod Yoga here.

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