We're proud to be working with The Cross, London's renowned clubbing destination, recently reopened after a complete makeover.

When the team behind The Cross contacted us to work on their music, we felt privileged and excited to be part of such a key moment in the London nightclub landscape.

As their music lead, our in-house curator, DJ, and radio host Michelle Hardiman has put together a number of playlists for the different spaces within the venue; from sultry and soulful tracks to open the night all the way to a peak time selection with an underground edge...

From 1993 to 2007, The Cross was a place that served the glitterati, snuffed the paparazzi and had cult-like queues as long as York Way".

After 15 years, The Cross is back, thanks to Billy Reilly, the original founder, and his wife Gemma.


The new home of The Cross is what was previously The Driver, a pub also managed by the couple. With the renovation, the heart and soul of the original venue didn't go missing; the main upgrade relates to the opportunity for visitors to now enjoy food in the restaurant room, as well as signature cocktails in one of the dedicated areas comprising of numerous sits.

Simply put: The Cross is a place where you can go to dine, drink, and dance.

We were lucky to visit the space and get the full dine/drink/dance experience during the venue's soft opening, a party for friends and family, on September 8th.

Pop in for a snack, a drink (or two), and most of all, a dance.

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