Cheat Codes Danger Mouse, Black Thought

Bringing together two titans of their craft, Cheat Codes finds both producer Danger Mouse and rapper Black Thought performing at the top of their game. Initially sketched out as an idea back in 2006 and titled ‘Dangerous Thoughts’, the long-awaited collaboration finds Danger Mouse returning to Hip Hop with soulful, classic Hip Hop beats and samples while Black Thought flexes highly detailed rhymes with a studious passion familiar to fans of his work in The Roots.

Over a dozen tracks, half of which feature guest features, Cheat Codes is surprisingly lean and supple as Black Thought retains a tight focus and Danger Mouse holds restraint with his backing. A top tier addition to both artists' canon, Cheat Codes isn’t to be missed, particularly album highlight ‘Belize’, featuring a posthumous verse from MF DOOM.

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