Still Slippin’ Vol 1 Joy Orbison

To those familiar with Joy Orbison’s work, it may be a surprise to learn that after a decade of 12” releases ‘Still Slippin’ Vol 1’ is Peter O’Grady’s first full-length. That long gestation period makes the titular “Vol 1” (as if vol. 2 is just around the corner) a nice little piece of witty banter that acts as a good introduction to the Joy Orbison sound. Filled with snatches of recordings from family members in conversation, ‘Still Slippin…’ feels like a captured moment of downtime reflection by one of underground dance music’s more enigmatic purveyors.

Atmospheric and cosseting, the beats draw from all manner of fringes of bass music, sliding from two-step to minimal Techno and Ambient. While affecting House number ‘better’ is the most conventional dance floor track here, it’s the transitions through tracks like the wonderfully stodgy ‘runnersz’ that compel repeat listens on this long overdue debut.

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