Solar Power Lorde

After a step away from social media and a turn towards reengaging with nature Lorde returns with ‘Solar Power’, an album of brightness and warmth that reflects on self, place and the physical world we inhabit. Produced by Jack Antonoff, ‘Solar Power’ settles between the polished but ultimately stripped-down sound of 70s singer-songwriters and the late 90s Pop that drew on those same 70s vibes and structures.

Driven primarily by acoustic guitar, ‘Solar Power’ is light and alternately wistful or breezy as Lorde’s vocals lead proceedings. Broadly optimistic, the emotive weight of Lorde’s vocals are periodically offset by slight nonchalance in the lyrics. Featuring an earworm-inducing percussive guitar riff the title track is a standout thanks to a chorus and outro with hands in the air festival vibes.

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