Loving in Stereo Jungle

While Jungle’s two previous releases were grooving, easy Soul all about vibes but not quite the party, ‘Living In Stereo’ takes things up a notch bringing in more Disco, Dance and Rock influences. Losing none of the crisp cool, the effortless focus or the character of their established sound while picking up the energy, ‘Loving In Stereo’ is packed with danceable grooves, enticing riffs and singalong moments.

Track after track Jungle demonstrate an innate confidence that eschews seduction and resultantly crafts a sound all the more alluring. When they do bring the energy down on the doleful ‘Goodbye My Love’ the groove doesn’t give up while Priya Ragu’s soulful vocals call back to the greats of the Disco Soul genre. This is the finest Jungle album yet.

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