King’s Disease II Nas

The follow up to last year’s ‘King’s Disease’ finds Nas in familiar form calling out his detractors and rearticulating his credentials as a vital name in the Hip Hop world. It’d be a bold move for many still in the game after thirty years, but as Nas points out on ‘Moments’ “they say I’m a legacy artist, I blew up the price”. Filled with wit and Nas’ famed technical rhyming structures, the record also sees him step back to include a series of top-level collaborators including EPMD, Eminem, and Lauryn Hill.

Name checking greats throughout, including an explosive reflection on the East/West Hip Hop wars of the 90s on ‘Death Row East’ that culminates as an ode to 2Pac, the album isn’t all backward looking. Throughout, Nas notes the turmoil of the last year, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the needless deaths, and his focus on trying to elevate communities. An optimistic snapshot of past, present, and future, ‘King’s Disease II’ is a worthy addition to Nas’ acclaimed repertoire.

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