Sling Clairo

Intimate and personal in the vein of her debut, ‘Sling’ finds Clairo adding complexity to her rawly open emotive songwriting. Swapping Bedroom Pop for a broader but more delicate palette of Folk-tinged acoustic Pop, ‘Sling’ wears its ‘70s singer-songwriter influences on its sleeve. Co-produced by Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote and produced Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’, the album is rich in instrumentation featuring woodwinds, Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos and 12 string guitar.

Clairo’s vocals continue to lean towards whisper quiet but thankfully considerate multitracking ensures their subtlety is never lost or overpowered. When fingers scratch on guitar strings on ‘Reaper’ and reserved orchestration adds just a hint of depth it’s clear that Clairo’s brightest moments are intimately close to the foreground.

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