Gold-Diggers Sound Leon Bridges

Named after the bar, hotel and recording studio in Hollywood where it was recorded, ‘Gold-Diggers Sound’ shows a subtle expansion to Leon Bridges’ nostalgic Soul. An attempt in part to capture Leon Bridges after dark, there’s a sense of dusky, lingering last light and morning after the night before reflection throughout. Bridges’ work has always been no-frills, instead retaining a humility that imbues his tracks with a warmth and openness and that continues here.

Tracks like ‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’ are carefully rounded yet tender, while ‘Motorbike’ restrains the longing vocals with a shimmering soundscape. On album highlight ‘Sweeter’ Bridges sings that “I thought we moved on from those darker days” as he tackles racial injustice accompanied by Terrace Martin’s doleful saxophone. The timelessness of the musical accompaniment draws stark highlight to the urgency of the message so bitterly long in the repeating.

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