My Music Solutions

Our partnership with My Music Solutions is helping businesses save on licensing costs

We know that reducing costs and saving money where possible is key to keeping your business healthy and afloat, especially at this time. Rules around PRS charges changed during the Covid19 lockdown and it's possible that you could be paying too much for your PRS, PPL, MPLC or TV licensing.

My Music Solutions was set up to ensure our clients only ever pay for the music you use. They work closely with you and your premises to establish the accuracy of your declarations, identifying all areas of improvement to maximise savings to your business.

With recent experience working within the performing rights organisations, their 45 years’ experience, and unrivalled knowledge of the tariffs and procedures, means they have the unique ability to put time and money back into your business.

Based on the results (£8m and counting) we are confident they can do the same for you and would like to offer a free music licence review. If they find improvements all they ask for is a cost neutral fee, worst case scenario, they confirm your licence is correct and you can proceed with confidence. If there's no saving, there's no fee - at all.

Open Ear Music has teamed up with Rob from My Music Solutions who has had some great successes supporting our own clients big and small with complementary audits. The initial audit would quickly highlight:

1) Potential within your business for cost-neutral savings

2) Sense check your licensing against your current operation

3) How to obtain full PRS compliance

Please get in touch if you would like us to introduce you:

Client Testimonial:

‘Rob and his team have been incredibly helpful and supportive and I can't recommend My Music Solutions highly enough. Music licencing is a small part of my role that took up a disproportionate amount of time, back and forth and dare I say frustration. Mercifully those days are gone! Rob has already saved us more than four times his fee and moreover has freed up a lot of time. Rob is an industry expert who knows all of the complexities of music licencing like the back of his hand. There is no malice from music licencing companies but I never found them easy to deal with directly; Rob has taken this on for us and continues to do an amazing job. If music licencing is one of those 'not enough time in the day' tasks, leave it to the experts....and perhaps save money as well!’

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